Thursday, 10 April 2014 much as I love shopping, and even marathon shopping, today's trip to get groceries and supplies for this weekend's Cub Scout Campout has me wiped out!! I left the house at 9:15 and didn't return until 4:15. The excursion was made more enjoyable by my friend Anna and Starbucks...though not necessarily in that order. ;-) Don't worry, as much as she enjoys my company, I think the Starbucks may be the highlight for her, too. There is only 1 Starbucks in our county at the moment which is the opposite direction from our meeting point, so crossing into the next county is always cause for celebration as it takes us out of the backwoods and into civilization.

I'm happy to have found awesome bargains and used coupons to keep our total low while still having enough to feed 17 or so hungry Cub Scouts and 8-10 parents. Purchased the makings for S'mores for tomorrow night's campfire, breakfast (pancakes/fruit/juice), lunch (hot dogs/snack mix), dinner (hamburger/potato/carrot foil packet dinners) and snack (apple or cherry hobo pies) for Saturday and breakfast on Sunday (cereal/milk/fruit/juice) as well as paper towels, toilet paper, hand soap, cleaning wipes, hand wipes and charcoal. I'm donating dish soap and sponges from my little stockpile (I had 5 or 6 bottles).

In addition, I am putting together a popcorn themed basket for the basket raffle to be held at our region's Pinewood Derby finals next weekend, so even with all of the food and supplies as well as the makings for this $20 basket, I kept the total cost to only $215.00!!I love being able to provide for a large group on a small budget and use my couponing and bargain hunting skills for the greater good.

To combine my couponing and cereal addictions...Target had GM Cereals on sale 4/$10 with a free box for purchasing 4. I had two $1.00 off coupons ($1 off 2, $1 off 3), so I got 5 boxes of brand name cereal for a total of $8.00 (net $1.60 each). I can't even buy store brands that cheap! Just to make room for the next big cereal sale, I will be bringing a couple boxes from my own cereal stash...just in case the adults do not want Cinnamon Toast Crunch or Lucky Charms (but what adult wouldn't?!).

Here's to (hopefully) surviving my first Cub Scout Campout...


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